70Z7 T4F

Bucket Capacity 3.7 yd3  | Operating Weight 32,100 lbs | Cummins Engine/Output 168 HP | Breakout Force 26,530 lbs
ENGINE (EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV Certified)
Net Power ISO 9249 168HP/2,200 RPM (125 kW/2,200RPM)
Make/Model Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine
Type 4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection with turbocharger and air cooled intercooler
Number of cylinders 6
Bore and stroke 4.213" x 4.882" (107mm x 124mm)
Total displacement 408.2 in 3 (6.69 liters)
Alternator AC 24V – 1.56 kW (65A)
Air Cleaner Dry type (double element)
Starter Motor DC 24V – 7.8 kW (10.5 HP)
Battery 12V – 108AH (1,000 CCA), 2 units
Torque converter 3 element, single-stage, 1-phase
Transmission Countershaft type, Full power shift.
Top Speed : Forward (5 speeds) 5th: 23.9 MPH (38.5 km/hr)
Speed : Reverse (3 speeds) 3rd: 16.5 MPH (26.5 km/hr)
Fuel tank (diesel fuel) 62.1
Engine lubricant (including oil pan) 6.6 25
Engine coolant 7.9
T/M & T/C 5.5
Axle (front/rear) 8.2/9.0 31/34
Hydraulic oil tank 26.4 100
Hydraulic system (including hydraulic tank) 39.6
DEF/AdBlue® tank) 6.6
Steering type Articulated frame steering
Steering mechanism Hydraulic power steering unit, direct operated type
Lift (boom) cylinder Two (2) double-acting piston type: 4.921" x 30.118" (125mm x 765mm)
Tilt (bucket) cylinder One (1) double-acting piston type: 5.910" x 19.490" (150mm x 495mm)
Steering cylinder Two (2) double-acting piston type: 2.756" x 17.401" (70mm x 442mm)
Main oil pump Variable piston type: 55.5 GPM/710 PSI @ 2,200 RPM (210 LPM/4.9MPa @ 2,200 RPM)
Pilot oil pump Gear type: 9.3 GPM/566 PSI @ 2,200 RPM (35.1 LPM/3.9 MPa @ 2,200 RPM)
Relief valve set pressure Loading 3,974 psi, 27.4 MPa (280 kg/cm2)
Steering 3,684 psi, 27.4 MPa (260 kg/cm2)
HYDRAULIC CYCLE TIME* front end loading, Z bar linkage system

Normal Mode
Power Mode
Lifting time (at full load)
5.9 sec.
5.7 sec.
Lowering time (empty)
3.6 sec.
3.6 sec.
Bucket dumping time
1.3 sec.
1.3 sec.
10.8 sec.
10.6 sec.
* Measured in accordance with SAE J732C
Drive system 4-wheel drive
Front and rear axle Semi-floating type
Tires 20.5-25-12PR (L-2) (L-3) Tubeless
23.5-25-12PR (L-2) (L-3)

Reduction and differential gear Spiral bevel gear, limited slip, single stage reduction
Final reduction gear Inboard mounted, internal planetary gear
Oscillation angle ±12°
Service brakes 4 wheel, wet multiple disc brake. Controlled by fully hydraulic system. Dual circuit.
Parking/Emergency brake Spring-applied, oil pressure-released. Located on driveline.
Air cleaner, double element
Auto idle shut down
Cold start (Intake Air Heater)
Cooling fan, automatic reversible, swing-out type
Rain cap
EGR system
Fuel filter (Main)
Fuel Pre-Filter, w/water separator
Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine
SCR catalyst and DOC
VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger)
Work mode selector
Brakes, service, Enclosed wet disc, Dual system, Inboard mounted
Brake, parking, Spring applied , Oil pressure released, Dry disc type
Differential, limited slip type (F/R)
Down-shift switch
Drive shafts, low maintenance
F-R direction selector (2-Column mounted/hydraulic control lever mounted)
1st speed hold switch on side console
Quick power switch
Transmission, automatic w/load sensing system
Transmission declutch (3-position L/H/Off)
Transmission mode selection (3-position AUTO1/MAN/AUTO2)
Universal joints, sealed
Boom kick-out, dual (operator adjustable in cab)
Bucket positioner (horizontal)
Control lever, single, pilot-assisted
Control lever lock (electric)
Control valve, 2-spool, parallel and tandem control
Pump, variable displacement, load-sensing
Steering, direct
System; open-center, high-pressure, load-sensing
24-volt electrical system
Back-up alarm
Batteries (2), 12V, 1,000 CCA
Battery disconnect switch
Camera, rear-view
Converter, 12V/15 amp
Horn, dual electric
Instrument panel, LCD, color
    2 Headlights (halogen)
    2 Forward working lights (halogen)
    4 Rear working lights (halogen)
    2 Stop/tail/backup (LED)
Turn signal w/4-way flashers/marker
ROPS cab: Enclosed cab with sound suppression, front & rear wipers and washers, two rear view and side mirrors, tinted glass, full view latch-back doors, sliding side windows.
Accessory outlet, 12V
Adjustable armrest/console,(fore/aft sliding)
Air conditioner/heater/pressurizer
AM/FM/WB radio with AUX input
Cab dome lamps (2)
Cigarette Lighter, 24V
Coat hook
Cup holder (2)
Floormat, sweep-out
Retractable seat belt (3 inch)
ROPS/FOPS certified
Seat, air suspension, fabric
Steering column, telescoping and tilting w/quick-release pedal
Steering Wheel
Storage box (heated/cooled)
Storage tray
Sun visor
Articulation locking bar
Fenders, front, w/mudflap
Fenders, rear, deck-type, w/mudflap
KCM Global e-service, telematic monitoring system (GSM-version w/4 years service)
Ladders, inclined
Lifting eyes
Linkage Pins, HN Bushing
Neutral safety start
Rear grill, hinged
Steps, rear
Vandalism protection
Z-bar loader linkage
Belly guard, transmission
Bolt-on cutting edge & segments
Bucket teeth
Dual lever hydraulic control
Fenders, rear, full w/ mudflaps
HID work lights
High lift boom arm
Hydraulic system, 3 spool valve
LED work lights
Quick coupler and attachments
Ride control, automatic
Seat, heated
Secondary steering
Ladders, inclined
Wide-access engine compartment
Battery disconnect
Easy access battery box
Grouped lube points
Ground-level fluid check points
Ground-level fueling
Fuse/relay panel in cab
Autolube, optional
KCM Super EX46 is a specially formulated hydraulic fluid with no zinc additive. Zinc causes a sludge buildup in oil that shortens the effective life of the oil. By using KCM Super EX46 HN Hydraulic Fluid the sludge buildup is reduced which allows for extended life, which lowers operating costs.
Using CJ4 engine oil, which is a low ash oil, allows the change intervals to be extended. By doubling the oil change interval from 250 hours to 500 hours, the time and cost of engine oil changes are cut in half.
The patented HN™ bushings are impregnated with high viscosity oil to provide added lubrication. This allows the lubrication interval to be extended on bucket linkage pins. The lubricant is replenished every time the pin is greased.
Global e-Service is the proprietary telematics system for KCM loaders. This system monitors all machine systems and collects operating data and alerts, which it transmits to equipment managers, dealers and factory support staff at KCM. This system allows for more efficient management of fleets,
control of maintenance schedules and notification of alerts
that can reduce downtime and operating costs.
24-Hour Parts Service
Fully equipped, in-house Rebuild Center
Custom Warranty Programs
Custom maintenance and repair agreements